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Bad Babysitter

Episode #
Script By
TJ Hunter
Art By
Abel Garcia
Colors By
Miss Rita
Available Languages
English, Hindi

Miss Rita was on Principal Raj home as he went for a meeting leaving his two teenage sons for night. Rista is having a hard time getting along with the two boys so she thinks a way on how she can break the ice with the boys. She came up with board games and goes on the attic to look for it. Upon looking she found a small hole directing to Mohit's room, the older son. In the attic, Rita is wide eyed in surprise as she holds a hand to her mouth. Mohit has a girl in the house an about to have sex!

Sitting beside the hole, Rita watches while her breasts are popped out of her blouse and bra and she rubs them. Hiding behind a large group of boxes, Rita peers over them to see Jeet entering the attic! Rita watches in surprise as Jeet opens his fly and looks down at the hole in the floor. Now both of them are pleasuring themselves while watching in Mohit room.

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