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The Inclusion

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Maxter & Raen
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There has been a high profile murder. Powerful industrialist Mr. Kapoor's wife is found dead with no clothes on. Was it forced entry or a crime of passion? Is there a second body? The police are clueless. Enter Priya Rao - our Encounter Specialist. She coaxes an eyewitness reveal a license plate number which Ravinder connects to the infamous Saath Pathi Gang.

With no other leads coming, Priya decides to infiltrate the gang alone. But how will she win their trust? She stages a robbery and is "rescued" by three gangsters. Before they lead her to the kingpin, she must use her "special skills" on to make these men happy. Will she succeed? Will she blow her cover? Stay hooked to this latest encounter of Priya Rao and find out - only on Kirtu.

The Auction Episode #4
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