A Family Affair


The Patel family has returned home after spending holidays abroad. Savita and Pooja are only remembering the hot threesome sex they had with their sasurji. One morning, when Savita goes to Samar's room who is still sleeping to give him breakfast, she finds secretly taken nude pictures of his brother Ayush's wife Pooja on his mobile. Savita comprehends that Samar wants to fuck his Pooja Bhabhi. Right at the moment, seeing Samar's erect cock, she could not stop herself from holding and sucking it. When Samar wakes up, how does Savita blackmail him with the help of Pooja's nude pictures to fulfil her desires? Will Savita help him fulfil his fantasy of fucking Pooja Bhabhi? Will Pooja be ready for this? What will happen when sasurji sees the scandal of these three? To know all the answers, watch Savita Bhabhi episode- 60, A Family Affair.

Video Info

  • Released: 01-12-2023
  • Length: 00:13:42
  • Tags:
  • Languages: Hindi

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