Ashok ka Desi Illaj


In Savita Bhabhi episode 38 “Ashok’s Cure” Savita, her best Friend Shobha and her Husband drive out of the city to attend a wedding in Ashok’s ancestral village. Once there Kunal uncle has devised a plan to get Savita spend a night alone with him. Ashok admits some problems he is having sexually with an old childhood friend who then takes him to see an old medicine man in the village. The medicine has unexpectedly fast results and since Savita is staying overnight with Ashok's dirty old uncle, Ashok must direct his new found lust to someone else… who will be able to handle Ashok's arousal? Read about it in this video episode 38 of Savita Bhabhi.

Video Info

  • Released: 30-12-2022
  • Length: 00:20:30
  • Tags:
  • Languages: Hindi

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