Ashok's Card Game


In this episode, Savita finds out that Ashok has started gambling by playing card games with his friends. She insists that Ashok has to stop playing cards but Ashok tells her that there's nothing serious with their game as they don't bet high amount and its all just for fun. She asks Ashok to call his friends to their house and play game so she can judge for herself if card game is only for fun or not. Ashok calls his closest friends around for a card game. Savita helps out by serving the boys snacks and Beer until they’ve had a tad too much and get a bit leery. Then after Ashok takes one of his more drunken friends back to his house the remaining card players invite Savita to play, But not for money. She has attributes and skills that are far more valuable! Don’t miss Savita Bhabhi Episode 36 video – Ashok’s Card Game.

Video Info

  • Released: 18-11-2022
  • Length: 00:20:40
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  • Languages: Hindi

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