Birthday Party


It's the week of Tarun and Varun's birthday and Shobha and Savita are planning something really special for them. Savita finds out that girls dressed in naughty school uniform are one of the fantasies these twins have. So, Savita and Shobha decide to give them a surprise birthday party in which they are dressed as naughty school girls. All is set for a sexy and fantastic weekend party. But when the moment comes, Savita and Shobha end up flashing Tarun and Varun's father Amit, who decides to join the boys for their birthday. Amit is livid after witnessing the kind of lifestyle boys are living with Savita and Shobha. He wants to take them home straight away! Is this the end for Tarun and Varun's adventure with Savita and Shobha? How is Amit going to deal with two girls? What if Amit decided to tell everyone Savita's secret? Watch Savita Bhabhi Episode 27 video to find out all of these answers!

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  • Released: 01-07-2022
  • Length: 00:23:42
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  • Languages: Hindi

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