Camping in the Jungle


Ashok has to go on a business trip. Savita is not happy with the situation as she does not wants to remain alone in house. Ashok suggests that she should go to the camping trip he was planning to go on with his nephew, Mani. Savita agrees to accompany Mani. Soon into their trek it starts raining and by the time they reach camping spot both Savita and Mani are wet and cold. To make each other warm they decide to lie naked with their bodies touching. Can Mani resist the charm of Savita's naked body lying next to him? Watch video of Savita Bhabhi episode 51, Camping in the cold.

Video Info

  • Released: 28-07-2023
  • Length: 00:12:56
  • Tags:
  • Languages: Hindi

Trailer and Extras

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