Caught in the Act


The Patel couple were busy having sex on the bed early in the morning when their landlady, Mrs. Thakur, came to their house. After hearing from the landlady that the house rent has been increased, both of them get nervous and stop having sex. Then Savita meets Mr. Thakur in his office and requests to reduce the rent. She is ready to do anything for him and starts seducing him. She gives him a blowjob, takes off her clothes, and becomes naked. Mr. Thakur becomes crazy after seeing Savita's pussy. He licks her pussy to his heart's content, fucks her, and even gets to fuck her tight ass. On the other hand, something like this happens when Mrs. Thakur gets the leakage of her pussy fixed by a plumber. Then when she returns home, she catches her husband red-handed while fucking Savita. Mrs Thakur goes to Ashok's office to tell him about Savita's scandal. Seeing the opportunity there, she wants to get fucked by Ashok in exchange for reducing the rent. Will Ashok fuck her, or will Mrs. Thakur tell Ashok about Savita's scandal? Will this secret of Savita remain a secret? To know more, watch Savita Bhabhi's episode 73 - Caught in the Act.

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  • Released: 31-05-2024
  • Length: 00:14:24
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  • Languages: Hindi

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