Chudai ki Recipe


Just as recipes for food are made from various ingredients, in the same way recipes for sex are also made with different people. To participate in the cookery show, Savita Bhabhi is practicing prawns recipe with Alex. Savita, wearing only an apron, and Alex have delicious sex while cooking. Then Savita and Alex come to Mumbai to participate in the show. There, Savita gets excited to see her crush Chef Hardik Kapoor. Will Savita be able to fulfill her dream of having sex with him? Meanwhile, Alex also meets hot judge Reena. Reena gets impressed with cute Alex and starts flirting with him. Will this also be a recipe for sex? How does Savita win the show despite cooking poorly? Watch in this Savita Bhabhi episode 66 - Recipe of sex.

Video Info

  • Released: 23-02-2024
  • Length: 00:21:10
  • Tags:
  • Languages: Hindi

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