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It was election day for the President of RWA. All the candidates made powerful speeches. But in the meantime, an argument triggers between them. They get some time to resolve the argument. Meanwhile, Alex, his wife Annie and Savita hatch a conspiracy. These three did not want to let the quarrelsome Smita win. Therefore, they provoke the remaining candidates against her and ask them to withdraw their names so that Savita wins. All the candidates agree, but they want something in return. Then the sequence of fucking starts. While Alex fucks Dr. Neetu, Annie has lesbian sex with Monika. What's more, Savita has threesome sex with two men. At one point, even Election Commissioner Shome gets a bonus blowjob from Savita. After everyone's sex is over, when the name of the winner of the election has finally been revealed, you will be shocked along with Smita! Who will become the winner? What was that conspiracy? How does Alex take all the other women home and fuck them together? To know, watch Savita Bhabhi episode 65- Election Candidates.

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  • Released: 09-02-2024
  • Length: 00:15:44
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  • Languages: Hindi

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