Double trouble 2


It's Ashok and Savita's wedding anniversary week but poor hard working husband has to leave Savita and go on week's long office tour. Savita is very miffed by this action of Ashok and let's him know she doesn't wants to be alone on anniversary. Ashok then suggests that she should invite over those twin boys, Tarun and Varun in her neighbourhood to keep herself entertained. But Ashok doesn't know that Savita is more than ready to just feed and entertain these boys. As we saw in last episode, how Savita experienced sexual energy of two young horny boys. Both unaware that innocent Bhabhi is fucking them both. Can Savita handle them both at the same time? To find the answer, watch Savita Bhabhi Episode 17 video.

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  • Released: 11-02-2022
  • Length: 00:17:05
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  • Languages: Hindi

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