Farmer's Daughter-In-Law


In the joy of resolving the divorce issue between Savita and Ashok, Ashok's parents had called both of them to meet at their farmhouse. Ashok's parents were delighted to see them together. After talking for a while, Ashok fell asleep, and Savita went outside for a walk. Seeing soft, green grass, she lay down on it. The breeze of cold air made her nipples hard. Her sexuality started awakening. She took off her saree and started masturbating in her imagination. When her Sasur Ji came to graze the goat, he heard Savita's sensual moans. When he saw his daughter-in-law lost in these special private moments, his cock became erect! He started masturbating by spying on her secretly. Then, will Savita know that her Sasur Ji is watching her? What happens that both of them have to stay in the stable? Will both the Sasur-Bahu be able to stop themselves from crossing the limits of their relationship in the stable? To know, watch Savita Bhabhi episode 75 - Farmer's sexy bahurani.

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  • Released: 28-06-2024
  • Length: 00:14:02
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  • Languages: Hindi

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