Jungle ka Pyaar


Savita's firm was trying to develop the land by purchasing the land belonging to the Mrungo tribe situated in a forest. Like always, Savita pleases her boss to get the chance to work on this project. Then Savita is sent to the jungle to convince the Mrungo clan. On the occasion of the lunar festival, the clan head welcomes Savita. Savita is stunned to see the customs, nudity and openness of the tribal people. The next morning, when Savita goes to the river bank to take a bath, an unknown muscular wild man narrowly saves her from a crocodile attack. Savita gets so impressed by his physicality that she starts arousing him for sex. She makes his big cock erect by caressing it. But this man had never had sex till date. He had never even seen a woman's pussy. Then how does Savita teach him how to have sex? Will this man living in the company of animals be able to have civilized sex with Savita? Or will he fuck her like an animal? Why does Savita, who has come to make a land deal with the tribal people, change her mind? To know more, watch Savita bhabhi episode 67 - Love in the jungle.

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  • Released: 08-03-2024
  • Length: 00:17:40
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  • Languages: Hindi

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