Neha's Sex Education


Savita was delighted with the intern Aman sent by Professor Annie Jones because she had enjoyed sex with him. Now, she wanted to give the same pleasure to Annie also. Apart from husband Alex, she also wanted to make Annie taste the cock of some other man. And Savita had also convinced her of this. Then, one day, on the pretext of a project, Savita called Aman to her house. Annie was already present there. Aman also understands what today's project is about. When Savita and Aman are having sex, suddenly Aman's girlfriend Neha comes there. Neha gets angry after seeing Savita and her professor in this condition with her boyfriend. She gets into a scuffle with Annie. Then how do Savita and Annie calm her anger and give her the pleasure of threesome lesbian sex? What is Aman's reaction after seeing three ladies having hot lesbian sex in front of him? Does he also get a chance to join them? How would Aman and Neha have felt having sex with their professor? To know more watch Savita Bhabhi episode 70 - Neha's sex education.

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  • Released: 19-04-2024
  • Length: 00:15:28
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  • Languages: Hindi

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