Nigodi Bahuein


With the intention of fucking Savita, Sasurji had organized a family vacation at a beach resort. Both were about to have sex when Pooja, the younger daughter-in-law who was ignored by her husband, entered the room crying. To attract her husband on the beach, Savita makes her wear a sexy bra-bikini along with herself. But the Sasurji pretends to be angry and takes them into the room. There, to punish them for their shameless act, he makes them nude. Savita was used to this, but for innocent Pooja, all this was shocking. Then how does Savita makes her mind? How does Pooja please her Sasurji with Savita to become a good daughter-in-law? How does Sasurji get to fuck the pussy of his younger daughter-in-law along with his elder daughter-in-law? To know more, watch Savita Bhabhi episode 57, 'Nigodi Bahuein'.

Video Info

  • Released: 20-10-2023
  • Length: 00:17:30
  • Tags:
  • Languages: Hindi

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