Patni ka Balidaan


On a family vacation in Barcelona, Ashok commits a shameful crime and has to go to jail. Worried, Savita begs with two muscular jail officers to free him. But in return for releasing him, the officers set a condition for Ashok to let him fuck his wife. To hide her husband's shameful crime from the family members, will Savita be ready to get fucked by both of their giant cocks that too infront of her husband? Is she willing to suck their cocks? How will Ashok react when he sees his wife getting her pussy and ass fucked for the first time by two outsiders? Watch what happens next in Savita Bhabhi 58 video, Family vacation - 2. A wife's sacrifice.

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  • Released: 03-11-2023
  • Length: 00:15:46
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  • Languages: Hindi

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