Savita ki Pehli Sexercise


No one can disagree to the fact that Savita is incredibly sexy and toned woman. How does she keeps the extra fat off her body? We have seen in earlier videos what kind of "special exercise" routine her gym instructor Aman makes her follow. But how it all started? What made a sexy woman like Savita go to gym in first place... and stay there? In this episode we see how a thirsty housewife goes to gym and finds sex partner of her dreams. But there's only one bone in her plans for fuck, her husband Ashok is also joining the gym with her. How she will achieve her dream fuck in the presence of her husband? Watch Savita Bhabhi episode 30 "Sexercise- How it all began" to find out!

Video Info

  • Released: 12-08-2022
  • Length: 00:22:08
  • Tags:
  • Languages: Hindi

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