Savita lost her Self-confidence


Like always, our Savita Bhabhi was looking for a new man. Her heart fell on a handsome guy in the mall. Savita started talking to him in the hope of having sex with him. But that guy didn't show any interest in her. Savita felt really bad when the other girl talked to the guy for a while, and he took her to the hotel. Seeing that girl enjoying sex with that guy instead of herself, Savita left the place out of jealousy. Then, when she approached another stupid-looking guy, he, too, shunned her, considering her a call girl. Due to this, Savita, who had never faced rejection from any man in her life, lost her self-confidence. She started crying sobs. Then, the same girl comes to her after finishing her sex. Savita tells her everything. Now, how will that girl bring back Savita's lost self-confidence? What will the girl do to attract men back to her? Will Savita be able to have sexual relations with new guys again? To know more, watch Savita Bhabhi episode 72 - Savita lost her self-confidence.

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  • Released: 17-05-2024
  • Length: 00:16:38
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  • Languages: Hindi

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