Savita's wedding


Savita and Ashok go to a wedding reception. Ashok wants to catch up with some friends and leaves Savita alone. Surrounded by wedding festivities, Savita gets a flashback of the time when she was going to get married to Ashok. During her makeup session, all her friends are talking about how adventurous a life Savita has lived till now and how she has to make do by just one man now. When Savita is left alone, she feels the need for a fuck. Soon a friend of Ashok, Prem comes to see her. Never willing let go of a good chance for sexual satisfaction, Savita pretends to be a shy virgin bride, and asks Prem to help teach her sinful ways to carnal pleasure. Enjoy Savita Bhabhi's latest adventure in Episode 19 video.

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  • Released: 11-03-2022
  • Length: 00:12:30
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  • Languages: Hindi

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