Sexy Kitten ka Catwalk


Because of her modeling experience, Savita plans a charitable fashion show for animal rights. But she had no idea what she would see in this fashion show. First, she had to face a fight between two designers. Then she got to see a threesome fucking of models who should have been on the ramp at this time. Fed up, she calls Annie there for help. Both Annie and Savita start drooling after seeing gay hot models. When both of them are in the mood, they go into the room and start having lesbian sex. Seeing the lesbian appearance of these two, the other two lesbians also include them in their team. But Savita gets attracted to a hot gay guy. She wants to have sex with him. So will that guy get attracted to this saree-clad bhabhi and fuck her? Will Annie also get this good fortune? It will be worth seeing how other models also enjoy sex. Watch Full Savita Bhabhi Episode 71 - Sexy kitten's catwalk.

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  • Released: 03-05-2024
  • Length: 00:15:26
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  • Languages: Hindi

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