Sexy Savita fucked in elevator


During a late night work schedule, Savita get stuck in the lift with the lift maintenance man, Chotu. While waiting for recue people to come and get them out of lift, Savita asks Chotu to tell more about himself to pass the time. But instead of normal chit chat, Chotu straight away starts telling Savita his most favourite sexual fantasy. As Chotu's story ends, it has left Savita all hot and bothered. Chotu is convinced that he is going to die a virgin when the lift falls and begs Savita to let him enjoy touch of a woman. Will Savita allow a dying man's wish? Or is Chotu not as innocent as he looks? What happens next watch in this Savita Bhabhi ep 48 video, "Stuck in an elevator with a sexy Bhabhi!

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  • Released: 16-06-2023
  • Length: 00:16:10
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  • Languages: Hindi

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