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There is a fight between Savita and Smita regarding the RWA elections. To blackmail Savita, Smita runs home with her nude photos, leaving her bare in the middle of an empty road. Stripped Savita hides in the bushes to avoid people's sight. She calls Alex for help, who is about to enjoy threesome sex with Annie and her yoga teacher, Archita. But seeing Savita's plea for help, he gives up his desire for threesome sex and goes towards her. In return, he expects to fuck her. Savita tells him the whole story and plans to steal Smita's phone. But how do they enter Smita's house with complete planning? How does Alex, who was hoping to fuck Savita, get a chance to fuck short-tempered Smita? What's more, how does a foolish type of man blackmail hot Savita for sex in return for deleting her nude photos? All this is worth seeing. Who is this silly man? What is his relationship with Smita? Will Savita fuck him also to get the photos deleted? Will Smita come to know about all this? Watch what happens next in Savita Bhabhi episode 64 - The candidate - Strengthening a support (Full support in society elections)

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  • Released: 26-01-2024
  • Length: 00:15:34
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  • Languages: Hindi

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