The Anniversary Party


The Patel couple have organized a grand party on their wedding anniversary. Savita is shocked to know that she has been fucked by every man who came to this party. Then, the flirting starts! Ashok touches Annie's pussy, and Uncle touches Savita's. Later, when Savita learns that Ashok is drunk, she becomes sad as her desires of having a special sex tonight are supressed. To comfort Savita, whom do her friends Shobha and Annie take help of to overcome Ashok's absence? When innocent looking Annie tells Alex that she wants to have sex with other people, too, what does Alex feel? Will Annie's fantasy come true in this party? Then, how Savita, Shobha, Annie, Alex, and the two strangers who were having sex with them, enjoys group sex together is worth seeing. You have never seen such a gathering of sex on someone's wedding anniversary! Watch full episode.

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  • Released: 29-12-2023
  • Length: 00:14:36
  • Tags:
  • Languages: Hindi

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