The Divorce Settlement


Ashok had come to know that Savita had sex with the landlord, Lucky. Now, he does not want to live with her anymore and wants to divorce her. But Savita does not want to divorce him. Both of them come to a marriage counselor to resolve the matter. First, Savita goes to the counselor's cabin. When asked by the counselor, she tells about her sex life to date, even the extra-marital affairs and adulteries she has committed. Savita had realized that this counselor could save her marriage. So, will Savita now do the same fucking that had put her marriage in danger to save her marriage? And that too while Ashok is present outside the same room where she'll be fucking? When Annie learns about Ashok's decision, what will she do to save Savita's marriage? Will Ashok find an opportunity here to fuck Annie? To know, watch full episode 74 - Savita Bhabhi's divorce.

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  • Released: 14-06-2024
  • Length: 00:13:12
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  • Languages: Hindi

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