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Music Lessons

Episode #
Script By
Art By
Colors By
Savita Bhabhi
Available Languages
English , Hindi

After watching a sexy female sitar player's concert, Savita decides she wants to get her own hands on the stringed instrument in episode 127 of Savita Bhabhi comics. She signs up for lessons from a local virtuoso but soon realizes that she is no natural when it comes to music. Imploring the master sitarist to help her perfect her playing, Savita claims she will do anything to flatten her learning curve. So Master Tanmay offers her his secret for success: becoming intimate with both her instrument and her instructor! 

Look for a gif in this episode, too ?

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Damn, the art got serious. Like wow. Like wow. Please keep doing it this way. Love this colouring and art so much. Just from the preview panels. Can’t wait for this episode.

Kilo Hiyu Savita Bhabhi Videos member

Those Seductive Perfect Curves of Savita Bhabhi in Sexy Saree are So Damn Hot Would Love to see such Saree Seduction comics by Savita Bhabhi

Alex Mercer Savita Bhabhi Videos member

HOLLY CRAP YES. the cover page look rely good. love it. when this epi is done is it possible to but the cover page on the pin up site? can’t wait for the epi.

Delta666 Savita Bhabhi Videos member
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