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The Disappearing Act

Episode #
Script By
Art By
Colors By
Savita Bhabhi
Available Languages
English, Hindi

Ashok finally decides to take his wife out on a "date" for the first time in a long while. His selection of a magic show wouldn't have been Savita's first choice, but she's happy just to dress up and go out. Plus, The Magnificent Manavendra turns out to be as handsome as he is talented. Ashok suggests Savita volunteer for the magician's "disappearing act".

Manavendra makes Savita disappear all right--directly into a parallel universe distinct from reality, and without her husband around. What kind of hocus poke-us does the spell-caster have in mind for his sexy volunteer? Find out in the enchanted new episode 126 of Savita Bhabhi!

We have hidden a gif also in this episode made from two sexy pages ?

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